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Setting up a Newsletter Mailing List


A newsletter allows you to send a single mail to several subscribers all at once. With a newsletter mailing list, only you will be able to send mails from designated email addresses to all subscribers to the mailing list.

Here are the steps to take to setup a newsletter mailing list on your cPanel control Panel.

a) Log into your hosting account's cPanel control Panel using
b) Click on Mailing Lists icon, once logged in.
c) Create the Mailing List desired and click on the "Go Back" link when through.
d) Click Modify on the listing of the mailing list that corresponds to the maililing list you want
e) Log into the list with the List Administrator's Password you used in setting up the list and continue with the following steps.

1) Under "General Settings" scroll to the bottom and change setting:

"Should postings include the List-Post: header?" change to "NO." and click "Submit Your changes"

2) Click "Privacy Options," and scroll down, on

"Who can view subscription list?" change to "LIST ADMIN ONLY."  and click "Submit Your changes"

3)  After you open "Privacy Options" four sub-options links will appear. Click on "sender filters" and the setting:

"By default, should new list member postings be moderated?" set to "YES."

4) Click "Membership Management" and under "Additional Member Tasks" ensure the setting:

"Set everyone's moderation bit, including those members not currently visible" is set to "ON" and click the SET button.

5) You will need to subscribe your list administrator's email address, if not subscribed already. To subscribe an email address manually, click Membership Management, four sub-options links will appear. Click on Mass Subscription:

. On "Subscribe these users now or invite them?" select "Subscribe"
. Enter your administrator email address in the box with caption "Enter one address per line below..." and click Submit Your Changes.

(6) Lastly, you will need to enable your administrator email address to be able to send mails to all list members, unmoderated (unhindered). To do this, click on Membership List and search or look for your administrator email address. Click to remove the moderation setting checkbox ("mod"), and click the SUBMIT YOUR CHANGES button.

That's all! You may now send your newsletters/mails to your subscribers by sending the email from the administrator's email address of the mailing list to the list's email address.


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