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Domain Transfer

The following are the steps to take to successfully transfer your domain name to us.

Request from your domain registering party or log into the domain registrar control panel and carry out the following:

1) Release the Transfer Lock on the domain name, if any.

2) Change the email address of the domain name’s Administrative Contact to our This is to ensure that the requisite approvals required to transfer the domain name can be promptly carried out by us. This email address can be changed later if desired.

3) Retrieve the Authorisation Code (or Transfer Secret) of the domain name.

4) Once all the above 3 steps have been completed, send us a mail containing the Authorisation Code of the domain name and request that we commence its transfer, which should be completed within 10 days. We will inform you when the transfer has been concluded.

Please note that in order to achieve an efficient and successful domain transfer, it is important that the above 1 -4 steps be strictly adhered to.

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